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The Specialization

The Bailey Scholars Program offers an academic Specialization in Connected Learning open to all students across the University. We focus on active self-directed learning through a community structure and finding your personal learning style.

Bailey includes three core courses and self-selected electives. The “soft skills” you will develop and hone are the skills valued and emphasized by employers and professional schools.

The Community

Students who succeed in our program are internally motivated self-starters, with an open mind, who value learning, and become active members of the greater Bailey community. Opportunities include: Service Projects, Alternative Spring Break, Leadership Positions, Student Scholarships, & 24/7 Access to Bailey Space.

The Bailey Declaration

The Bailey Scholars Program seeks to be a community of scholars dedicated to lifelong learning. All members of the community work toward providing a respectful, trusting environment where we acknowledge our interdependence and encourage personal growth.  

The Bailey Five Questions:

Who Am I?

What Do I Value?

How Do I Learn?

What is My Worldview?

How Do These Connect?